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Default i7 Playlist help please????

I know this has been discussed before. But I find MSC or UMS mode to be inadequate for my purposes. I have tried reading every post I can find both here and on iAudiophile but cannot answer the age old question of how to properly put playlists that I make onto either my iAudio 7 or my Cowon D2. It is really the i7 that I want the playlists for anyways. I have spent hours loading all my music both in UMS and MTP mode (not at the same time of course). I am using the latest FW. I spent quite a bit of time copying and reorganizing all my music files (just under 12gb) into folders that would work for UMS mode but it is not what I want, and I know I am not the only one that wants to figure this out.
I want to have multiple playlists that reflect what I am doing at the time, whether it is for working out at the gym, riding my bike, walking, or quiet time. BUT I don't want to have to have multiple copies of songs in different folders. It is so much more convenient if you can just go into whatever software you use and currently I like WinAmp and make a new playlist or two and then copy it to your iAudio 7.

This was discussed in great detail in the S9 section and CLAW posted the following:
Its easy (well actually totally convoluted).
1 - Switch USB mode to MTP.
2 - Mount to the computer.
3 - In 'My Computer', open the Cowon device, navigate to some mp3 (or a directory), right-click and select 'Add to Playlist'. This will create a file with a .pla extension.
4 - That file's name will show up as a 'directory' under [Playlists] in S9 ... you navigate it like a folder, and pick a track to play - or play all of it.

Also, in windows you can right-click on the .pla file, and edit it - windows allows the tracks to be arranged in a diff order or removed.

While the playlist edit window is open, you can drag and drop additional track onto it and rearrange them. I guess you can create unlimited playlists this way.

By the way that .pla file is fake - if you switch mode back to to MSC and open it, the file is actually empty. So it cannot be edited unless you're in MTP mode. And - the file is gone when you disconnect device from the PC. So - basically you have to be in MTP mode permanently if you want to take advantage of the playlists.
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Is CLAW around to maybe answer this question as I noticed he is listed as a Cowon S9 Developer - perhaps working for Cowon he would know the definitive answer, or anybody else with Cowon know-how and put me out of my misery!

Please help!!!

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