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dude, i have no ideea what to do... sansa support sucks, no1 knows whats going on. . . i virus scanned it, tryed formating with different tools, deleting with fail-safe software that dosnt leave a trace behind, security file erasers, different connecting methods (msc and other), error scanned, disk scanned, bad sector scans....nothing works. Whatever i try to do it just comes back, like it has a backup and when i modify its integrity whatsoever it reverts it with the backup, rteally weird. Imagine yourself trying to delete something from your HDD (a movie, a game) and once you refresh that windows its back again. Same thing happens to this sansa clip, its gone berserk.

Luckly i still have waranty 2 months , i just checked, so its back to the store for a replacement or whatever i dont care. Its busted beyond repair.
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