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Originally Posted by csnite View Post
If you were going to buy one, which would you buy and why, thanks.
Funny you should ask. That was my quandry for the past month before I decided...on the Fuze.

Here is why:

Eventually my Fuze will become a 'backup'. Sometime within the next year, I fully expect another player to emerge which will have the as good or better SQ of either and the WITHOUT the problems of the D2+ (or Fuze)...or at least with fewer. The D2+ is also weird looking and a bit bulky. The Fuze is cheap and slips easily into my shirt pocket. Also, I just wanted a good player, no interest in Video.

I heard the sound quality from the Fuze was very good...and I was happy to find out that was indeed the case - even with the stock earbuds! I had intended on immediately getting the Phonak Audeo PFE's to go with this...but am putting that off for a bit just because the stock phones simply aren't all that bad. Maybe another phone will strike my fancy...and I might even move up to the Monster Miles Davis Tributes with the $$ I saved!

No, the Fuze doesn't have much in the way of SQ 'enhancements' but I've found simply adding a little bass and a little treble on the user-definable EQ to be just about right for everything- very close to the 'Jazz' setting actually.

Not being able to discern any difference at all between the highest quality MP3 and FLAC, I just stick with the former and battery life is really quite good, though I haven't tracked it yet.

So, I am very happy with my choice and once a more perfect player is introduced, I will have not shelled out much $$ and will have a very good back up player.

Anyway, I could easily have gone with the D2+ and very nearly did! Since neither player is 'perfect', my choice made more sense to me and I am very happy with it. If I hadn't been, I would not be out much $$...but would have been out more and still yearning for that 'more perfect player' had I made the other choice. I am sure you will be happy with either, but that's how I arrived at my decision.
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