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WMA sounds better at 128 for my fuze+heaphones(plus my IEMs sounds really good but I barely use them)

I like having close to 6GB worth of songs on my 4GB player. makes for better long trips. I would love to use 320 or 192, however when I get a larger capacity player I will use them. 4GB was too low for me, however that was all circuit city had and i needed my player for the trip I was taking 2 days after i bought it. I wanted the 8GB fuze (not in stock for the rest of that month). And online it was 30 bucks more and it would take 5 days to get to me since I bought my fuze on a friday. (I wish UPS/fedEx would ship on sat and sun.)

I am also anxious to figure out whether I am gonna get more money coming in soon for me to get a new DAP. I might give my fuze to my sister, if I get a cowon player.

what player is best for listening to lower bitrate files? (just curious)

the sansa fuze (becuase it's allready good DSP)
or cowon (because of jetEffects)

or anything else?
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