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I guess this shows how not only our ears are different, but how personal preferences affect sound perception. When I tried the S4s I couldn't stand the things. I like and enjoy a good natural, visceral bass and would agree that it adds a great deal to the music (try Mahler w/o bass- no emotion). But upon donning the S4s I felt as if I was drowning in a sea of warmth, and instead of the usual "veil" the music seemed to be coming through insulation. Indeed, after spending an hour suffocating through the S4 my bass light (read lacking) pl50 and ksc75s were like drinking a cold beer on a scorching day. Since others love the sound, I suppose we can conclude that I just can't stand warmth - as well as the recessed mids on the S4.

Edit: by warmth I am referring to exaggerated midbass.

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