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Originally Posted by dave61430 View Post
I'm curious as to why charging should care about MSC or MTP mode.
Originally Posted by jsmaye View Post
...and why it's obvious that they're using MTP mode...
Originally Posted by jsmaye View Post
'It worked on the desktop.
It didn't work on the laptop.
Therefore it must be MTP.'

MTP doesn't work on laptops? And what has the mode to do with charging?
Do you have anything constructive to add, or are you going to continue bitching about my above post? I can't say I care much about that mocking tone of voice.

Maybe this time MTP isn't the culprit, and I have to admit I indeed did miss the charging part of the OP's post. Maybe it's just a faulty cable or a dead USB port in that case.

Either way, if you've got nothing to add other than to criticize my post in this stupid way, you better don't post at all.
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