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Default need easier to read display

I would like to upgrade from my $50 sansa clip, because its display is too small for me to read without my glasses (it's a little over an inch diagonally) and its buttons often get confused when I try to rewind or fast forward in a podcast. It often pops me back to the beginning of the file or into another file. I do like the clip, which helps me fasten the player to my clothes. An equalizer and FM reception would be nice, too.

Note I don't want video, and I only listen to podcasts (and occasionally the radio).

If the new player is able to use my wireless network to get podcasts straight from the internet, so much the better.

Should I buy a used/refurbished obsolete model on ebay, since I really don't want video?

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Easier to read text usually comes with a larger screen. Larger screened devices will usually handle video, however you don't have to use them for that.

I'm over 50, and wear glasses to read. I find the Cowon S9 is wonderful as all the text menus can be zoomed large enough to read without my glasses. The S9 is way more than you need for just podcasts, but the best you'll find for your vision. You might find a used on on Ebay, or even the classified section here.

The only player I know of that can download Podcasts directly using WiFi is the Sony X series. They are way overpriced though. An open-box one is still over $300 at

The Zunes, even older ones, can sync wirelessly from your PC (not the web directly). You might still find an 8gb or 16gb Zune on clearance or the web. The Zune despktop client does do Podcasts.
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Or how about a Fuze? Bigger than the Clip with an easier-to-read display but with the same SQ and podcast support. Cheap, also.
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Default no video, please

Thanks, Olley and Dreamnine. Since wifi downloading is not does not seem to be an option for me ($300 is much more than I want to spend), I may as well stick with my current method (run Juice on my computer, then use a USB cable to transfer files to the mp3 player).

I really don't want to have a player with video capability in the house (children issues). Being able to clip the player to my clothes is also of paramount importance.

I guess of the two complaints I have about my Sansa Clip, the one that bothers me the most is the unpredictable jumping around. There seems to be something wrong with the way I push the fast forward and the rewind buttons. The visibility problem is a little bit less bothersome.

I think what I need to find is an older model of mp3 player, before the companies started adding all the video capability. Is there anything with a slightly larger display that I can still clip to my clothes?
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Personnally I'd like to ride in the Delorian from Back to the future and rid myself of reading glasses and back to my perfect vision!!! All aboard???????
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