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Default Clip+: mono ogg vorbis files skip?

Just got my clip+ today. It is running firmware 1.02.09A. I have an archive of ogg vorbis files encoded as 32kbps 22050 Hz mono. I loaded a few onto the player and they playback with a loud harsh 'clicky'/static noise overlaid on them making them unlistenable. They play fine on a 1G ipod nano running Rockbox.

As an experiment, I re-encoded a file as:

a) 64kbps* 44100 Hz mono - same problem
b) 64kbps 22050 Hz stereo - plays fine

[* dbpoweramp codec didn't seem to support original 32k bitrate]

So it seems the firmware has problems with mono ogg vorbis files. Anyone else experience this? This is a shame because playing these files was a big reason why I bought the player.
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you should try converting them to mono flac and see if it does the same thing.
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Mono flac works fine. Not sure how that's relevant though.
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Got an email from SanDisk technical support:

Thank you for emailing SanDisk Technical Support. It is our goal to make sure you have all the resources you need to get the most from your product.

Please note that playing mono OGG files is not fully supported on your Sansa Clip +. This means that you may have to convert the tracks to stereo so that you can listen to them normally. Please note that this may require the use of a third party application. Unfortunately, we will be unable to recommend a particular software but you may search online for applications that you may try for the said purpose.

However, we truly appreciate your efforts in bringing this to our attention and it has been duly noted. You may rest assured that we will be forwarding your observation to the appropriate department for consideration for future firmware releases.
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