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Old 03-13-2010, 09:49 AM
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Might as well pop my cherry here with my first post and say YES!! I'm extremely happy with the clip+. I visit this site (along with HeadFi) often and generally just look at reviews/comments and try to keep up on the latest stuff so I'm not starting from scratch when looking for something new. This site alone is the reason I went with the clip+ when looking for a replacement for my Vision M (lost that d*mn adapter......AGAIN). I naturally started looking at the higher end "do it all" models but was so impressed by all of the praise bestowed upon this little gem that I figured I'd gamble on something priced this low actually being a superior "bang for the buck". I'm so glad I did.

As far as the bass response..........I had no idea just how lame my Zen was and it SMOKED my two iPods (sorry, but yes, in the beginning I was lured into the mass marketing evil jedi mind tricks of the dark side before I saw the light). I have both the Shure E2c's and top shelf E5's. Both sound great but, having the luxury of sampling both sets side by side, the E5's just absolutely ROCK with this little player. I tweaked the custom eq a bit and I'm VERY satisfied with the bass. I'm not as knowledgeable as the administrators or senior members here but, having played guitar for 30 years messing around with lots of high end equipment throughout the years, I DO know great sound when I hear it. I just have too many expensive hobbies to show as much love for this stuff as some of you can.

This is off topic but since I'm not likely to have the time to post much I thought I'd go ahead and share this.......... I picked my 4gb clip+ at BB a couple of weeks ago (after reading about it here) on sale for $34.99 (regularly $49.99). The cool part was that the store had it for $39.99 BUT the website had it for $5 less so they honored the web price WITH a FREE $15 Napster card as part of the deal. As an unexpected bonus, inside the package was a Emusic coupon good for 35 music downloads PLUS 1 free audiobook. To add to my surprise, when I signed up on Emusic, they had upped the free music to 50 downloads!! Between the discount on the player, 15 songs from Napster and another 50 plus the audiobook on Emusic, the player ended up being FREE and THEN SOME! You figure I got the player for $35 plus 65 songs that would have otherwise cost me $1 each PLUS the audio book (I went with Mark Levin's Liberty and Tyranny: a Conservative Manifesto), which I'm sure would have been more than a buck, and I actually came out ahead on this deal.

Anyway, thanks for the all of the reviews and info on the site. You guys/gals saved me from making another $200+ dollar mistake. I rarely post on any of the forums I visit but I was so impressed with this player that I figured I'd throw my two cents in. So, I'll just go back to lurking in the shadows now looking for the next killer deal. BTW, another site I saw mentioned in these forums,, has refurbished 4gb Fuze's today for $29.99+$5 s&h. I'm thinkin' 'bout about grabbin' a couple or so myself.
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