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Help help needed plz

Originally Posted by mstubie View Post
The 1GB version of this player @ Amazon is a great buy for a take it anywhere player.

The ability to use a rechargeable AAA battery, and use 8GB SDHC cards is an awesome feature. (probably 16GB, and 32GB as well, (32GB too expensive imo).

A moderately priced headphone and vbr mp3 encoding @ 192kbbs, this unit puts out pretty good sound quality.

No cables are needed as it plugs into an usb port, and the case is bullet proof, rubberized coating.

The menu system takes some getting used to, but once mastered it's easy. It supports folders and id3 tagging, resumes playback, loads from external card really fast.

FM reception is good, and you can record from fm and voice.

Do not update the firmware as it kills the sound volume by 50%.

Biggest downside is it does drink batteries (I'm getting about 7 hours with my set up) but I always carry extras in my case.

For around $50- (unit, 8GB SDHC card, and V-Moda Bass Freq IEM), I think it's a great deal.

I've had mine for 5 months with -0- problems.
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hi there ... i recently joined this site after reading ur posts .....i have a trekstor ibeat xtension fm 2gb player .......its been working perfectly well till now ... but recently i upgraded the firmware from the official trekstor site my sound is crappy .....where can i get firware ?
if any one has this file it would help me a lot
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