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Default Zune Premium Headphones

I actually ended up getting these headphones for free after my normal Zune headphones broke. I called up Zune customer support, and they sent me a free pair.

Anyways, my first impressions of these headphones are really good. They have excellent bass, and the sound quality beats any pair of headphones I have owned before. The wire is wrapped in cloth, the headphones stick together with a magnet, all in all a very decent set.

I give them a 4.5/5 rating
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which one premiums are you talking about?

The headphones that come with the zune hd or these

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I think he is talking about these...

I won a pair of these but don't care for them all that much, the magnets holding the earbuds together is a nice touch but SQ wise I wasn't very impressed not to say they sound horrible though, probably has a bit to do with the fact I don't care all that much for earbuds. On a side note it looks like Microsoft might be producing a new version of the premiums.
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