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Default charging battery question

My Clix only charges its battery when it runs out of juice completely. It won't charge if the battery still has some power left. Is this a feature (by design)? My other MP3 player charges its battery whenever I plug in the AC charger, even though the battery still has some bars left.
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I haven't seen that problem. Mine charges everytime I plug it in. In fact I've had my Clix for a week now and use it alot and have not seen the battery icon go below 2 bars yet.
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It's a known issue with the clix that it won't charge properly off of most AC chargers. If you look around on this forum, some people have found AC chargers that seem to work, but most of the time you'll get exactly what you've experienced; the Clix doesn't start charging until its battery is completely empty. Best thing to do, if you can, is charge using USB whenever you get the chance, as it will provide power normally.
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Yup - and there were some photos floating around of an iriver branded Clix charger that doesn't work either. I checked with iriver, and that product was not by them, and was inappropriately branded as being theirs.

They are well aware of the problem here, and are racing to get a charger product out. Shouldn't be too much longer is the advice I have.

Cheers, Dave.
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Default Same Problem


I charged my clix for about 1 or 2 hours via USB 2.0 and ... well ... it didn't charge. I listened to music for about 15 minutes and then the battery died. When I plugged it back in, it started charging. I hope this doesn't happen again. I have firmware 2.01 installed.
Mega Creation
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I was having problems charging my 4G on USB. Would actually discharge unit and leave it dead. I found my Nokia PC Suite was conflicting. Uninstall was not enough, had to go to (recent, thank god) restore point before installing Suite and all was well again. Very weird. I also have an aftermarket AC charger and -- guess what? -- works fine.
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Default I got impatient and have the same problem

I just got my Clix last night (returned the 1gb Samsung K5 I got for Xmas from the bf, hoping to get a 2gb one....but got sidetracked! =I) I was trying to do this quickie charge thing, charged for 5 mins, unplugged the 2.0 USB cable and the "Charging, please be patient" text no longer showed up. I kept having it plugged in and now I realized that it isn't charging.

I hope I didn't break it! But now I am trying to drain it and charge it again... Is this just an initial thing? I hope I don't have to drain it everytime to charge it. Should I take it back to the store?
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When the battery is almost completly dead you will get the gray charging screen. When there is some life all you will see is an animated icon where the battery indicator is.
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