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Pace, Rhythm and Timing.
Speakers and in this case earphones along with source and the amplifier may have an influence in the distorting how the music is presented. An typical example would be a loud boom that could drain the power from the amplifier beyond its ability to recover for the next note. This could also happen because the speaker driver can't snap back into fast enough into position to push the next note's sound properly. Unclean source music may be clipped during recording is another.

Anyway, if any of these occurrences are heard, the music is presented irregular to the sound as recorded. Things are out of sync. When you hear PRAT, things sound like you are hearing the music in sync. The is more space in the presentation. Cymbals tend to shimmer with a natural decay rather than getting obscured by the sound of a following drum beat.

A typical speaker may have 3 drivers. One for bass, one for mid-level, and another of treble. One driver may overdrive the amplifier resulting the mid-level or tweeters being starved. This could result in clipping or in the case of the tweeter truncation where cymbals sounds are presented as a shorter note than a live instrument would present. This results in a muddier sound.

I hope this is a better explanation.

Anyway, a fun sound isn't what I'm going for. I prefer to hear music as the sound engineer has intended. It's his job to place the instruments and vocals within the sound stage during the playback of the recording. A great sounding album with great music being played is more what I tend to listen to. Going this route, you get to hear everything recorded, including the subtleties.

Balanced isn't quite right, either. Some things work together, some things don't. Neutral isn't balanced. Neutral is more about not coloring the sound in a specific way. Some people like bass, others the vocals. Well, for me it depends on the band. I listen to everything including Jazz, Rock, Hard Core Punk, Blue Grass, and occasionally some Classical. As long as it's played well, I don't really care what genre of music is playing.

I considered writing on the other forum. I didn't think it was right. I wasn't giving a review for the masses. I didn't try it out with other players outside of the S9. The review was more intended for those with the same equipment I had tested with. So I thought the accessories was more appropriate.
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