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Default Zagg invisibleSHIELD s9 review

Zagg - Full Body Coverage = $24.99 + shipping

I saw several decent reviews for this on this site (and others) so thought i'd get one for my new s9. I knew for the reviews that i'd be tricky to fit but leaving that aside there are still several problems with it.

You get a part to cover the screen, one for each side, one for the back and one for the connector cover.
  • The connector cover is far too small to actually fit properly and therefore useless.
  • Second, the trickiness of the fitting cannot be stressed enough. You effectively have to get it right first time or it just wont work as it should: if you have to peel it off again then the adhesive part just wont be the same again (and it'll really show on the screen).
  • The parts for the sides are poorly cut - you'll spend forever trying to align them to cover the whole side and eventually discover that the stickiness is gone and that it doesn't quite stick properly at the top or bottom of the edge.
  • Also - it is cut in such a way that it will not cover the whole device - there will be a small gap between each part. That'll undoubtedly lead to dust and grim getting attached to the sides of the 'shield'. (that's assuming you can get it fitted properly)
  • If you get any dust on it whilst fitting it, you'll find it near impossible to clean off the cover.
When you read about the product it seems perfect (and i can't fault there shipping time (for UK customers you should note that they send from somewhere in the UK rather than the USA (although the "lifetime" warranty and returns policy both still require it to be returned to the USA)) but it has been poorly executed and simply not worth the premium you end up paying for this item.

I'd recommend simply getting some cheaper cover (even it you have to replace it more often). I've managed to fit the backcover and am reasonably happy with that but even when the front cover was fitted properly it simply wasn't up to much (the adhesive can be seem in certain light and will impact on the quality of the picture), the side bits are next to useless.

I'd be interested to hear other's views on this item.
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From what I've read, people who apply this themselves encounter these kinda problems, ie., it not fitting properly. Many people just prefer having Zagg guys put it on their devices (mobiles, PMPs etc) & they have no issues then.
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how do you have zagg guys do it?
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100% true.

I know a lot of people (myself included) who have Invisibleshields and the all have so much lint and dust on the sides. It's unavoidable, and is just something you'd have to get used to. I think most variations of these things have the same problem.
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There was no end to the swearing when I tried to install my InvisibleShield on my E51. I am fairly sure I might have scared the neighbors into thinking I had lost my mind.
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I installed a BSE skin on my fuze and found it to be way easier than everybody said it was going to be. I swear alot and installed it in front of my nephew without even a slip. Best Skin Ever is pretty much the same thing as the Zagg only cheaper and with fewer models to choose from.
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Originally Posted by Mf1232 View Post
how do you have zagg guys do it?
You have to contact them to ask about the procedure. From what I've read of people who had them installed by Zagg is that Zagg charges $10 per device as installation charges if you want Invisible Shield installed by them on your device.
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Default Goodbye S9 Zagg Screen Protector

Today I peeled off the invisibleSHIELD to replace it with one I bought from ebay that's about a third of the price and a few times easier to put on. And I'm loving it.

After using it for a few months I am not a big fan of the InvisibleSHIELD. Like others have mentioned, the install of the skin required a surgeon's precision. The screen protector is a bit too tacky once on so that when you try to swipe your finger it's not always a smooth swipe. In many angles the orange peel effect really turns the beautiful screen into a pimply faced screen.
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on any clear shield on any device use either windex or a eyeglass cleaning solution. After thourghly cleaning your S9 screen from lint and dust squirt a couple times, enough to cover the whole S9 screen then as you pull the screen your about to mount, squirt that too (sticky side) once. Use a knife edge to pick up the screen NOT your fingers as there will be prints on underside of screen.
Then place the screen on the S9. The liquid makes it easy to move around and place. Then squeegy the liquid out and have a lint free cloth to catch the liquid. The squeegying also eliminates all tiny bubbles/air pockets you would get otherwise if you tried to put it on dry
Then wait a couple hours and you will see that the screen is perfectly placed with no lint or dust or finger marks on the corners.

This is no different as to how window tint is put on in your automobiles
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Mikey Mike,

I totally agree with you. I have invisible shields on most of my electronic devices including my digital cameras, mp3 players and mobile phones. The mobile phone was a bit tricky because of the sides but when I pulled out the blow dryer they were magically attached with no problem. The one thing that I do that helps is add a little more of the solution than is recommended for attaching the shield. This way it slides around a bit more and I can align it perfectly before using the squeegee. This helps because when you put the standard amount of liquid on the screen it doesn't move around a lot. Oh, and I always get complements on my devices too. One lady asked me how I avoid fingerprints. I pulled out a key and proceeded to scratch the lens and she was already pulling her pen out of her pocket with a piece of paper to take notes. Now, if only I got commission for that sale that zagg got because of me. lol
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