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Mikey Mike,

I totally agree with you. I have invisible shields on most of my electronic devices including my digital cameras, mp3 players and mobile phones. The mobile phone was a bit tricky because of the sides but when I pulled out the blow dryer they were magically attached with no problem. The one thing that I do that helps is add a little more of the solution than is recommended for attaching the shield. This way it slides around a bit more and I can align it perfectly before using the squeegee. This helps because when you put the standard amount of liquid on the screen it doesn't move around a lot. Oh, and I always get complements on my devices too. One lady asked me how I avoid fingerprints. I pulled out a key and proceeded to scratch the lens and she was already pulling her pen out of her pocket with a piece of paper to take notes. Now, if only I got commission for that sale that zagg got because of me. lol
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