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If you're in for linearity and don't care for sound enhancements, the Clip, Clip+, or Fuze are faithful-to-the-source sounding players. Some of those can be Rockboxed, while for others a Rockbox port is in the works as we speak - making them in my (an many others) opinion even better players, if you like configurability of pretty much every aspect of your player.

They play FLAC just fine, no matter if stock firmware or Rockbox. Some people seem to have good gapless results with the stock firmware and FLAC as well. The stock firmware might drain more battery than Rockbox for FLAC playback. Rockbox is perfectly gapless anyways, with pretty much any format.

Unfortunately Sony don't support any decent formats, they're a bit dumbed down, firmware-wise. I wish there was a Rockbox port for some Sony player, that would be extremely awesome.

The rest of the players I know, Cowon, Samsung, Creative, Trekstor, iPod, Meizu, etc, aren't as faithful as the two above mentioned brands at audio reproduction. They all have more or less flawed DACs, or botched analog output stages. Some of them can be made to sound decent with the help of a dedicated headphone amp, like most Cowon players, for example.
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