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Originally Posted by Flyordie View Post
I wasn't trying to be mean. Its why I kept the post as short and simple as I could while making my point. Most of the kernel is still present. It needs most of it to perform basic tasks..
-Application Installs
It has to use the same method of installing applications as WinMo6.0...

Those are just some of the things that an OS on the ZuneHD needs to be able to do the things it does. What would the phone be missing besides the "phone" part of the software? It can do everything a WinMo6.5 phone can do except call someone(unless a VOIP App is created). The software team just didn't provide a UI to do the things.

So, please go more into detail.
Basically, many of the features get dumbed down. The "drivers" on the Zune HD are specific to that particular hardware. Application installs? Not handled the exact same way. Maybe they are "technically" just as the Zune HD is technically an MTP compatible device. But, you can't just download and install a CAB file through IE like you can on my phone.

Yes, the kernel is there. But the software on top of it is modified for very specific purposes. I don't like your comparison of the Zune HD doing everything a WinMo 6.5 phone can do, because the truth is, it currently cannot. It doesn't have a hardware GPS, the wifi connectivity is more limited (doesn't support adhoc and a few other networks), it supports fewer codecs out of the box, etc. There are a ton of minor limitations that add up to a much larger picture.
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