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Don't sync, just manually copy you music on to the player. Also tag your files with the artist under "Album Artist" so they all show up as the same artist.
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Originally Posted by WalkGood View Post
Hopefully, below will make it clearer:
  • Format - connect player to PC in MSC mode, right click on you player in My Computer (or windows explorer) and choose format, file system FAT 32 (don’t do “quick”), let it do its thing. *Warning, this will delete all your tunes off your player, so make sure they are backed up from player to pc*
  • Disconnect the player - once format is complete, disconnect and don’t touch anything while it rebuilds its data base. Formatting does nothing more than erase all the data on you player (i.e. music files or anything you added), but in turn it seems to fix a lot of issues and clean out the player.
  • Switch mode before connecting again to desired mode (msc/or mtp), personally I prefer MSC. BTW, make sure you pick a mode and stick with it and don’t leave it in auto-select as this will only cause more problems.
  • Reload tunes – as long as you have “view all files” enabled on your pc, you can see the music folder on the player, now just drag and drop all the tunes to that folder.
  • Disconnect player after all transfer is complete and enjoy
Hey WalkGood, what's the difference between formatting the clip+ through your computer and formatting it through the clip+ itself? I tried to format the clip+ through my computer yesterday and it takes a long time compare to formatting it using the format function on the clip+.
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I had the same issue. Are you using the USB wire that was included? Try using a different one. I don't why, but that seems to have fixed the problem for me and many others.

Originally Posted by tabler1010 View Post
I bought a new 4gb Clip+ about 6 weeks ago. Ever sense I have been spending more time trying to correctly add music to it then listing to it (and I listen to music a lot). First after reading trough the manual a few time I was finally able to get my computer to recognize the device. The second problem and the most on going is it in incapable of being synced properly. As soon as I plug in the device to the computer it automatically starts to sync all the music on my library. And when the music is on the device it switches and splits up the names of certain albums and artists. For example in my library all the music by a rap group "N.W.A." will get split in the device randomly into two groups "N.W.A" and "N.W.A.". It will also split up artists into two groups with the same name for example "Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five" will be split in to two groups that both say "Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five"

more to come
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sansa clip+, sucks

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