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I had the same issue. Are you using the USB wire that was included? Try using a different one. I don't why, but that seems to have fixed the problem for me and many others.

Originally Posted by tabler1010 View Post
I bought a new 4gb Clip+ about 6 weeks ago. Ever sense I have been spending more time trying to correctly add music to it then listing to it (and I listen to music a lot). First after reading trough the manual a few time I was finally able to get my computer to recognize the device. The second problem and the most on going is it in incapable of being synced properly. As soon as I plug in the device to the computer it automatically starts to sync all the music on my library. And when the music is on the device it switches and splits up the names of certain albums and artists. For example in my library all the music by a rap group "N.W.A." will get split in the device randomly into two groups "N.W.A" and "N.W.A.". It will also split up artists into two groups with the same name for example "Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five" will be split in to two groups that both say "Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five"

more to come
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sansa clip+, sucks

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