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Originally Posted by unknown client View Post
... I notice a slight hiss I'd like to get rid of that …
Interesting you can hear a hiss from your p3 with your AH-D1001, one would think that the 32 ohm AH-D1001 would hide it, most likely it’s produced by your DAP. Your cheapest solution would be to use an impedance adapter like this one.

A more expensive solution would be to add a portable headphone amp which should possibly remove the hiss and improve stereo crosstalk, but you would need a good amp as not to introduce any additional unwanted noise. And I’m not sure that any amp is going to do as you stated “further enhance my listening experience,” although I might be guilty of this placebo myself If you’re interested I wrote up my thoughts on portable amps here.

Also, not sure you want to hear this one, but you could also try different headphones and possibly get more mileage from higher ohm phones, although this might be expensive as well.

Edit: BTW welcome to abi, just noticed your new, so I won't hammer you and I edited the thread title to something more discriptive

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