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I appreciate the replies, especially M_K for the very long one. I am using a Fuze now, like it a lot. By the way, I figured no matter what that any new player coming out this year or next would still be a budget player like the Fuze or Clip. I have a soft spot for budget players though. I have tried higher end touchscreen players like the Sony X-series, Creative Zen X-fi2, and as good as they sound, I end up using the cheaper, easier to navigate players far more, like the Clip and now the Fuze. Doesn't sound nearly as sharp as the Cowon I9 that I also have tried, but it sounds good enough to my ears, now I just need to upgrade the headphones as the $80 Klipsch S4 headphones are excellent, but I think more expensive model will make these players sound even better.
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