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Originally Posted by glove4 View Post
Has there been any rumors floating around of new Sansa players in development? Judging by the fact that the sansa fuze and view are both two years old or more, I wonder if its worth waiting for a newer Fuze or View model but I don't see info at all on anything coming out this year other than the clip+ which is great in any event. Or should I just go with the fuze or view regardless based on the if it aint broke don't fix it idea, and not worry about updated models of which there is no word of anyway? Sorry if there is another thread on this, I am on my phone and its a pain doing thread searches.
As far as I can tell, we got pretty much no notice of the Clip+ coming out. I only read ABi, not the Sansa forums, but anything important there is usually echo'd here pretty quickly. That makes me think that we won't get much notice of the next new goodie.

M_K: I just got finished reading your comments accusing somebody else about being snotty, so I'm sure that you'll have something to say about me. But please tell me where in your long diatribe you answered glove4's question. Cause I didn't see it in there.

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