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Old 02-20-2010, 04:17 PM
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To all:

Thanks for playing on this thread! Some interesting info - nice to get a little handle on what other folks are using gear-wise and also kinda cool to get an idea on what folks listen to...

Still trying to understand what "audiophile pop" is though - can the poster please define this if you are still reading?

On a personal note, I have a small equipment change:

I just got my hands on the highly rated Maximo iMetal 590 IEMs. All I can say is WOW...

No doubt in my mind that these are amazing IEMs. Excellent specs, unbelievably generous accessories, great design and fit and they are among the most neutrally balanced, sonically defined headphones I have used in a long time.

These iMetal 590s would be worth it at nearly triple the price but are an absolute steal IMO at USD$39.00 from Amazon...

The soundstage is near perfect and definition of sounds is terrific to me.

If you want bass heavy phones, maybe these are not for you. But that is not to say these are NOT capable of excellent bass - they are but the bass is firm and responsive, not muddy or overwhelming from a flat EQ source. But if you need/want earth-shaking hip-hop type bass, you might be better off with SkullCandy's or the Dr. Dre/Monster Cable headphones.

If you want a solid, balanced set of quality IEMs, definitely check out these iMetals! Read the reviews to get a better idea...

My once trustworthy [and overall decent sounding CX300] are being repurposed as my home/knock around IEMs...

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