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From this article:

"The most immediate impact this has is to expand the Zune service to countries outside of the United States and Canada, which are the only markets where the Zune is sold. While Microsoft will continue to sell the original Zune player in the States, Pinero says it doesn't plan to expand it to other countries, instead relying on the mobile phone software to bring the Zune service to those markets."

(Jose Pinero is Zune communications director)

So apparently MS is only expanding the Zune marketplace/subscription service internationally for Windows Phone 7 and Xbox, Zune players will continue to be sold in the US only.

The Zune service is here to stay. The long-term future of Zune as a stand-alone PMP device is not clear.

The article mentions that Zune devices make up 2% of the PMP market.
They say that Zune hardware stands out in the PMP market because of the premium media experience it offers, but it's clear that the Zune HD has not gained much traction in the market. MS can't be happy with just 2%.
I don't see that growing much unless the Zune becomes a phoneless WP7 or Microsoft announces that the Zune Phones will be the rumored Pure and Turtle phones (from Danger), and that the Zune would be the phoneless Pure/Turtle.
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