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steiner, shhhh, you'll summon the MP3's-Are-Just-As-Good-As-FLAC's Preachers! i've had that battle already there ARE several differences between compressed and non-compressed, some people just can't hear them, usually i think the reason is they've listened to MP3's for so long that their ears have adjusted to that frequency spectrum and it's physically hard, if not impossible for them to detect the more delicate frequencies outside of that range. go lossless whenever possible, it's better for your ears and your mind!

oh and to answer the OP, i use HD280s with my S9 all the time at home and they sound great. high end freq's aren't very good on 280's, but they are an "all-rounder" that will provide nice deep bass and balanced mids, so they mostly make up for the shortcoming. i think you will be pleased with them, and they will begin your journey into the world of higher end headphones one day
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