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Default Easy playlists for Clip

I decided to purchase a clip based on the review on the blog. I took advantage of a recent woot sale and picked up an 8 gig click for relatively cheap.

So after reading all of the various nightmares regarding setting up playlists, I thought I would check it out myself. The sticky in this forum talks about copying songs into the playlist file, highlighting them and then clicking on "create playlist." Well I'm a bit of an organization freak so I think I figured out a much simpler way.

On your desktop create folders. These are your playlists--you should name them accordingly. Copy the music you want into each folder. Plug in your Clip and navigate to the playlists folder. Copy each folder into the playlists folder. After that is done, right click on each folder and "create playlist" making sure the .pla file appears in the playlist directory,--not in the folders you created.

An example setup would be a folder titled "classical" and OUTSIDE of the folder is a file called "classical.pla"

This has worked like a charm for me. Just thought I'd pass it along.
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1. Remember to do a COPY with the drag & drop, unless you want the music in the playlist folder permanently. MOVE is the default.

2. On my Clip+ there is no PLAYLISTS folder under MSC mode.

3. If I wanted one particular song in two playlists, then this method appears to put it on the player twice.

I suspect that's it for me on this method. It's late at night (actually early in the morning), been watching the Olympics. Plus I don't need this technique, my Winamp method works perfectly for me.

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I got sick of manually creating play lists b/c the only way I could figure out how to play non-ASII labeled songs was using the .pla lists. Most of the music in my collection was mislabeled and inconsistent (mp3 tags), so the Sansa was not able to keep all the music under one album/artist title.

What I ended up doing was getting the full version of Media Monkey, and took the time to properly/consistently have the music collection labeled. So now, all that needs to be done is to search for music, select, and send to the Sansa Clip/Clip+. B/c of the properly labeled mp3 tags, I can use the Album/Song/Artist options under "Music" (on the clip), and not have strange and unknown names. So this pretty much accomplishes what a play-list can do, in terms of playing all the tracks of an album, of an artis, etc (including non-ascii labels).

So no more playlist creation for me.
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