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Originally Posted by weedalin View Post
Well, do you really think all Christians don't swear? What makes Christian-musicians different from any other musician? I personally don't like other people choosing music that they think I might like, which is why I've never used anything like channels.
No I know that for a fact all "Christians" do not keep their language clean.

What makes a Christian musician different is their choose to write their music in a way that is pleasing to the lord. It may be a worship song or just the fact it is not all about drugs and sex.

I have no problem with secular music as long as it does not include any swearing or bad content. For an example a song about taking a girl out back and messing around with her would not be in my collection. However a song about missing my girl friend because she makes me who I am would be fine.

That is a choice each person can make on their own whether to use channels or not. I personally have not used them because they aren't accurate. I go with stuff from Pandora & My friends recommend. Or stuff that is on the albums of artists I have liked in the past.

Each person's way of finding music for themselves is going to be as different as the way they sleep. I personally feel the thread has run its course so I'll close it before it goes any further.
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