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Originally Posted by dfkt View Post
Unfortunately no, they only implemented the clock for DRM-crippled subscription music, not for user convenience. People have been wanting a real clock since the old Clip, but Sandisk never gave us one. With Rockbox on my v1 Clip I have a real clock now... I hope Rockbox for the Clip+ isn't too far off.

By the way, are you sure you don't make the sound of the Clip actually worse by using the FiiO amp? I very much doubt it improves the RE2 in any way (can't say about the Portapro, but probably it makes them louder).
Yes, porta pros is a bit too much for clip+ to handle alone (60ohm what were they thinking ~25 years ago? ). What i like about fiio e5 is that it makes RE2 sound a bit warmer , other than that i haven't noticed any change in SQ.
P.S. I wish clip+ had a clip like fiio e5 does, it seems a lot more durable...
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