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Default Marshmallow or Creative EP-630

well aight... i have seen many good responses on the marshmallow and im very impress with it cuz for so cheap many ppl actually liked it but im not sure what to get.Should i get the marshmallow or the creative EP-630?
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Ha, I posted the same thing yesterday:

seems no-one has listened to both..

I have decided to go with the marshmallows, mainly because of how almost everyone that has commented on them at head-fi has stated how warm, fun, and enjoyable sounding they are. And one respected individual has them listed FIRST among his other audiophile quality phones in his signature. Must mean they are perfect for day to day, all around use, which is exactly what mine will be for. The same individual commented that he could not stand to listen to ep630's or cx300's for whatever reason, maybe they sound too uninspiring or something?

Anyway I think I am going with the fx33 marsh's and e2 foams like he did.
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Iíll second garnís post, everything Iíve read about them sounds very good, Iíll be picking up a pair of the marshmallows soon!

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