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Old 02-15-2010, 08:37 PM
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Originally Posted by m_k View Post
Make no mistake -- I do expect that over-the-top interface design to SELL product. It's just that I do NOT expect it to "grow on the user" -- some things look great to a prospective buyer -- glitz, glam, sizzle -- but, when used in real life, day after day, become cloying, overbearing, top-heavy, annoying.
That is certainly a fair point. Watching some of the roll out of the interface, I was wondering how much I would actually like to have it as an interface. There was a lot of showiness to it, but I did wonder whether some elements of it would actually be a boon as an end user. I want to see what the guinea pigs that like to ride the bleeding edge of the tech market say before I make any permanent judgments about this announcement.

Much of this is irrelevant to me, though...I've got a phone that covers the features I need and I'm not going to be switching any time soon. So, most of the attention that I've paid to this roll out has been: 1) interest in seeing the development of an expanding sector of the electronics market and more importantly 2) the its pertinence to the future of my ZuneHD player on the firmware/software side.

Furthermore, I'm not going to attempt to read the tea leaves about what this all means for the ZuneHD until Microsoft actually announces or releases an update for it. So for now, I'm just going to wait until that happens.

EDIT: Actually, to break from that last bit about tea leaves, I do suspect that if there is another generation of Zune devices that serve as a PMP only role, I suspect that they would have the same higher screen resolution that Microsoft is mandating as a requirement for Windows Phone 7. But then again, I wouldn't expect them to come out until the fall if at all.

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