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Default Mac OSX Questions

Ok, I just purchased this walkman and have very important questions. So any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you. When I connect the sony x series to my mac, it keeps saying on the screen connecting on the player. Is the player malfunctioning or what? Is it because I'm connecting to a mac and it doesn't recognize the computer? I'm able to still drag and drop my music onto the walkman, but wonder why it keeps saying this. Also, I can't eject the walkman, whenever I try to eject it, it won't eject.. Finally, I can't get some album art on the player, even though I put the album art in itunes. If I can't eject the walkman, would it be okay to disconnect it anyway, or could that cause a malfunction.
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Hi, firstly you always get that message on the Sony X screen 'connected via mtp'. This is normal and just means it's charging. Your 'connecting' message may be because you're using a mac, but if it's working fine otherwise I shouldn't worry.

It's safe to disconnect at any time except when transferring data - then you get the 'Do not disconnect' and the screen flashes.

I'm not sure about album art and itunes; I use Mp3Tag for all my file tags and drag and drop using windows explorer.
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Thread title (original 'Question about the sony x series walkman') changed.
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Thanks for the help
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