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Default Ignoring 'The'

For some reason my s9 does not ignore the 'the' even when browsing straight from artist (i.e. not in folder).

Can someone eplain/help me in this problem, its a real pain sometimes.

I have a 32gb s9 on mtp using mediamonkey and zenses for scrobbling.
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Actually, I think that's how it's meant to be for the S9; or, at least its that way for mine. I never thought it was too big of a deal, though.
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Cowon tried to do this once on the Cowon D2... oh I remember that day (prior D2 owner here). A firmware came out for the D2 that ignored "The" so you can enjoy it the way you explained. Though this firmware only lasted so long as Cowon received multiple tickets about people really not liking it. Reasoning... Theory of a Deadman is a prime example. Or by the very upset Cowon D2 owners " Ory of a Deadman".... yep, if there was a band that had "the" in their name it would be totally cut off (more examples... Thesis, etc.) So after much heat from their customers, Cowon reverted back to what almost EVERY MP3 player maker accepts, "The" not being outed. So with that fiasco under their belt, I'm sure Cowon is not willing to take another crack at it... sorry.
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Not really,

I don't mean removing it from view.

for example categorising 'The Who' under w i.e. the bottom of the list
and then categorising 'The Flaming Lips' under F so nearer the top.

Does that make sense.
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