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Default ZuneHD Screen digitizer problem

I'm just checking in to see if anyone else has had this problem and also to give Dave a heads up. About three days ago I started having a problem typing in the letter R on the screen keyboard, at first it amused me figuring I was just getting lazy and going over it too fast, then I realized I just couldn't enter it which I thought was ridiculous. I rotated the keyboard from horizontal to vertical which solved the problem. It turns out there is a dead section of the screen digitizer about 1/2" tall going from left to right when the unit's held vertically. Almost exactly where the word "video" is on the main menu screen, I also can't select video now. Now, starting yesterday about every fourth or fifth time I go online, the screen starts wigging out as if every digitizer function is trying to be used at the same time. I restart the zune and it gets better. My unit was purchased on day of release, Sep 15th and I have the replacement plan so I'm not too concerned about it, but thought I'd see if anyone else has seen this problem.
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Whoa! That sounds strange. Does this happen always and permanently or can some time s you press the R. Pretty much is the dead spots stuck there forever or do they come and go?

If they come and go it can be the environment around you, Ive had strange stuff like that with touch devices "especially my LCD monitor".
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The unresponsive section is non-intermittent, and is much more evident in left right movements and less so in up down within the bad section (when holding the zune vertical), indicating to me whatever equates to the x or horizontal axis sensor for the screen is bad right at that 1/2" section. I haven't seen it go away yet.
The "wigging out" problem happens every fourth or fifth time that the screen is activated from sleep. From the actions of the zune it appears to be a very confused touch screen trying to do all actions in a rapid manner without user input. I'm pretty comfortable with it not being from external influences and internal to the zune. I'm kind of just watching it out of curiousity now to see if things progress, eventually I'll take it in and get it replaced.
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