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Hey, thanks. I am not sure how I found this, it was maybe by accident!

I am not sure about the quality of my batteries but I'm getting by. I think they have at least 5 hours worth of charge when fully charged. I actually try not to fully charge them, I've heard that isn't good for them. I just put some charge on them when I'm about to use them. I have an H120 with 30 GB HD and an H140. I am using both for recording almost exclusively right now, occasionally I use them to move data.

I'm working on a friend's H120 right now. He dropped it and the HD evidently failed and I just put in a new HD, same as the one in my H120, a Toshiba MK3006GAL. The thing starts, but neither of my laptops is able to mount the drive. They beep when it's connected or disconnected, but no mount (i.e. drive letter). Ideas? Also, I've had to reset it a couple of times. It has Rockbox loaded in firmware. The HD, of course, has nothing on it. Don't even know if it's formatted.

Yeah, I found this totally by accident today. The title intrigued me and I dove in, not realizing that I was the OP!
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h120, h130, h140, ihp-120, ihp-140

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