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You are an evil little school girl .

I shouldn't take the web so seriously .

My S9 froze for the first time today . Probs because of the custom music UCI though..
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All amoled screens are horrible in daylight. If I'm walking outside at noon in the California sun, I can barely see whats going on the screen at max brightness. My friend's ipod is only a tad bit better in direct sunlight (because it doesn't have an amoled screen. But if your indoors, the screen is freaken beautiful. I don't think there is a good outdoor lcd screen technology out so far. Even getting an ipod or p3 would be horrible outdoors.
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I prefer 24OLED myself,....................heh.
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Very cool ABi threads that you should enjoy: Demographic|Useless Knowledge|Guess That Movie|Currently Listening to...|Post Your Pic|What is it? game|More difficult What is it? game|
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oh my, LCD sucks, AMOLED FTW!

it is just that Corning's Guerillaglass, that is used for the S9 reflects light A LOT! apple is just better at finishing their glass surface
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The iPhone seems as glossy, in my limited experience with it. You can always put a matte screen protector on the S9.
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