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I have an O2 and I never actually measured the video playing time. I also have an Archos 504 with a real thick extended battery that gives me about twice as long per charge as the normal battery. I never actually measured the playing time per charge on it either.

However my estimate is that the Cowon goes about twice as long on a charge playing videos as the Archos, even with it's double life battery.

I also have an Archos 705 and an Archos 404, both with normal batteries, and they get probably less than 1/3 the playing time between charges of the O2. The 404 has a new battery, too.

I only use these players for videos so that's all this is about. I have no idea about their use with music.

I also have a Cowon S9 and my guess is that they both get about similar playing time with videos. This is harder to measure because I use the S9 for audio and text a lot, to.

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