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Originally Posted by ozzyrulz View Post
So I think its actually bricked for good. Device would orginally work but wouldnt be seen by windows. even putting it into recovery it wouldnt show up. So I decided to do a full erase using e200tool in ubuntu, then use the bootloader rom to do a fresh install.

Long story short, it executes the bootloader command then the screen goes black leaving only the blue lights on. lsusb says its a c200 in recovery mode but no 16mb partition gets mounted. I have the newest updates an checked the gphoto issue and still its a no go..
How exactly did you try and do a "full erase using e200tool"? I don't think thats even possible.

Originally Posted by ozzyrulz View Post
is she dead? windows sees it as the tango media driver which typically means dead..
No, IIRC that just means you're in manufacturing mode.
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