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Originally Posted by OnTheGo View Post
Scrolling is definitely an issue, as noted; a major irritation, in fact. Sometimes when I remove it from the Noreve case, I still have problems scrolling -- so maybe it isn't just that the border of the Noreve is in the way. Maybe some of it is the Cowon itself. Does anyone else have this problem, and if so what's the solution?

The Noreve case is very well made, but the scrolling is a problem... unfortunately.
I have a Noreve case. It's top notch in quality. The only problem I have is that I use Claw's feature to hide the UCI switcher bar. So the bottom right corner can be an issue to open the bar up to change main screens.

Scrolling shouldn't be a problem with the right UCI. Claw has a new search feature. Well, it's more like a skip to the desired starting letter, rather than a "find" feature. Or you can use the Klausbrowser that scrolls faster with quicker flick gestures. Try out the Klausbrowser. I think it's really slick. Very smooth. Stops on a dime. And just for kicks, you get a landscape view that goes nicely with Dark Evolution.
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