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Default Will the S9 have a price drop?

You know how some things, when they grow stale in the market, the company will lower the price of it? Like the PS3 and Xbox 360, for example. They both had a price reduction after they were out for like a year.

Will the same thing happen for S9? What is a forecast like for it's price in the near future?

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I talked to a member of staff at AMP3 in the UK, and their understanding is that the S9 is unlikely to see much drop at all in its lifespan. It holds a steady, if low, demand, so as long as unit keep selling the price drops will be minimal. A similar thing happened with the D2, at least over here.
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I totally understand. High price, low volume as opposed to low price, high volume marketing.

I was really wondering if I should by a soldering iron to fix my p2 or just get an S9.
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Get an S9, much better player and better supported. I changed from a P3.

I too had this question, but after searching it seems that the best things in the market don't drop, it's the same in a lot of hobbies of mine .
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You could always borrow the soldering iron! Although it can be a good thing to own for various other projects.

I think if you still like your P2 you should just try to fix it If you wait for S9 price to drop (which it probably won't) you will be waiting long enough to see new players develop that trump the S9 to the point you no longer want it. Although I got a good price on 32gig S9 from for just under 300 CAD (before tax), supposedly '70 dollars off.' If that sounds good to you then maybe you should check them out

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