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I realized that the duplicate artist issue is WAY deeper than just simple album misspellings. It happened again, this time with Bloc Party, and nothing was misspelled. It split one of the albums in two and used one of the album halves as another artist listing. As before, I had to remove all the songs from the Zune, and manually removed the ones that refused to be deleted, and (after many attempts), I finally managed to get Zune to recognize that I've deleted all of the songs from the Zune. After syncing them back, they're all under one listing now.

Basically there's just one main problem causing all of this: When I connect the zune to the computer, the zune software randomly decides that some of my songs need updating (on the sync page, it says "updating (place song here)"), and after it does that, it either duplicates and album within an artist, or takes one duplicate and lists the artist again.

From that main problem stems another problem: Some songs refuse to be deleted. When one clicks on "never sync with ________", it just flashes the little zune icon and either does nothing, or if I already deleted it off the zune, it puts it back. Deleting it manually through windows explorer sometimes doesn't help, sometimes does, and the same goes for deleting it through the "device" view in the zune software.

This was something I was hoping would be fixed in the zune software update, but it's either the Zune division hasn't acknowledged the problem, or it has something to do with the device firmware.
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