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Default Busted!

I have owned a D2 for just over a year. I am an older person who has used the unit very sparingly. After returning from New Zealand the unit would not power up. I tried many of the "fixes" on this forum and finally gave up. I sent the unit into Cowon for repairs. I received a reply a few days later from PayPal wanting $67 to replace the circuit board! I feel this is outrageous to have a unit that has seen little use need over half the value of a new unit to be repaired. Is this common to the 16GB D2? Can anyone help me with an email address to complain or state my case to Cowon? I have tried some of the contacts I could find to Cowon to no avail.
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And from the title I was expecting to read that you got busted with contraband inside your D2 coming home from New Zealand

BTW, this is the first time I’ve read of an issue with the circuit board on the D2, so I don’t think this is common, is it possible that it was being charged during a power serge before you left?

Another thought would be that moisture got in and when you turned it on, it fried the board :/

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As WalkGood said, it is not a common problem. But it does happen to any brand of product. And it is normal for Cowon to want around that much money to fix it, I had the motherboard go out on my Cowon A3 and they charged over 100$ to fix it.
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