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I'm still trying to understand when it turns off and when it stays in standby mode. Sometimes, when I turn it on, it shows "SAMSUNG" for some time, then goes to the "R1" screen for a few more seconds and then lands you in home page. Another times, when I turn it on, it goes right into the "R1" screen and, almost immediately to home page. It looks as if, in the first case, the R1 is really OFF while in the second it's been in standby instead. At first, I thought that, when you turned the R1 off, it stayed in standby for some time and then went to OFF, but no, it's happened to me that after being turned off for many hours it woke up rapidly, as if in standby.
Yes, that's what i meant: fully off when it takes a long time to boot up, standby when it goes right into the player name (r0 in my case ).
On my old Z5 it went like this: The player stayed in standby until it was untouched for 24 hours then it went completely off.
I haven't done any measurements but it seemed to me that the battery drained too fast too so the "erratic" standby/off behaviour might be another bug.

I'm also wondering whether there's any relation between these OFF vs Standby modes and the amount of battery it uses while supposedly off. On one accasion, it went from 100% to 4% in 24 hours while off. This weekend, in 48 hours, it's gone from 100% to 96% battery. I can't remember about the other time, but this time, it's done the whole startup routine with "SAMSUNG" screen.
And yes to the battery consumption rate too: The reason the player goes from standby to completely off after being a long time without being used is because in standby spends more energy. So the time when it used very little battery in two days the player was completely off and when you noticed the battery draining very fast the player was probably just in standby.

Because of everything we've talked so far, at this point I really believe the r0 and r1 are using the same software (firmware) since they share many behaviours and bugs .
I hope a new firmware corrects the bugs in both players.

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