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Li-po/Li-ion don't like to be left 100% discharged as in this state they have a shorter life. Below 20% is even worse and can cause permanent damage if left. I don't know what the cut-off voltage is on these players though so 0% of what it says in the MP3 player might actually be safe in battery terms.

The optimum storage for Li-po/Li-ion is 40%, not very useful for MP3 players.

It's also not good to deep discharge them say from 100% to 0% every few days. It's best to do constant little charges. These batteries do not have memory effect at all.

It doesn't really matter too much in a low discharge (low power) MP3 player though, I would go ahead and use what you paid for, all the battery!

No it will not "overcharge" the battery, safe to leave it plugged in. These batteries are pretty explosive and easily damaged if overcharged so I don't think they would be silly enough to allow that.
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