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Help I dont know

Originally Posted by s13 View Post
Since you seem so desperate and happened to mention my name, I will help you. I use Emodio so I'll show you how to do it that way.

All you need is the Korean Emodio and the Korean firmware.

Update your S3 with a Korean firmware. You can download it here. It looks like there are already KR firmwares so I would just get one of those. I downloaded 1.11 UMS KR and there was no config.dat file. You might have to make your own in notepad. I really don't know.

Then get emodio from There is only one version. When you install it, make sure you choose to install it with the Korean language.

Then add your music. You can just drag and drop straight into the window.

Finally, you are ready to add lyrics.

Right click on the song you want to add lyrics to. Select the 6th option, and then select the 4th option. Or just follow the picture below.

You should now see a new window called "Lyrics Editor." Click on the "Text Edit" button, type in your lyrics and click "OK." Then press the play button and click "Set Sync" for each new verse or whatever. A check mark will show up next to each line that's synced. There's also some shortcut keys in the Options.

You'll probably have to play around with how many words fit on one line because the screen on the S3 can only display so much. The lyrics might get cut up and end up on different lines like this:

Why are you trying to, to mak
e me leave ya
I know wh
at you're thinking
Baby why aren't you listen
How can I ju
Just love someone els
e and
Forget you comple
When I kn
ow you still love me
Send the song over to your S3 and turn on the lyrics function.
Voila, lyrics on your S3! Have fun.
I dont understand do you have to download the firmware first and if there is no config.dat file then how do u do it

I am so urgent please reply i am trying everything to get lyrics onto my samsung S3
:confuse d::confuse d::m ad:
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