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Default Use FLAC or just MP3?

Originally Posted by jtm33 View Post
I believe that the S9 supports FLAC normally. Keep in mind that FLAC is a lossless codec (no audio quality loss in encoding), hence why it is considered the "best" format in many cases relating to getting the best sound quality. However, what format is "best" will not always come down to sound quality and lossless codecs. A typical FLAC file will have a bitrate of around 1000kbps, compared to typical MP3 files with bitrates of 128kbps - 320kbps. Now this mean that a typical FLAC file will be at least triple the size of an MP3.

MP3 files are lossy, this means that there an some audio quality loss during encoding to keep the quality down, however the loss is not very significant and depending on what headphones/player you use the difference is hard to notice. You need to make a compromise between sound quality and file size, but don't be afraid to use MP3s, the compromise is good.

To get your music into FLAC, you will need to recode all of your music.
Thanks for your helpful response.

I see there are a variety of programs to convert CD audio into FLAC files with EAC being the best, but most complex & not so easy to use.

Only being moderately computer literate I'm hesitating and wondering if it will be worth the bother. Add in that at 74 my ears are no longer pristine I'm coming around to thinking MP3 might indeed be the most sensible choice.

I just sucessfully installed firmware 2.51 so am ready to roll. Also printed out the manual but it is not very helpful about how to install music files, jpegs etc. Is there a step by step set of instructions somewhere to help? I have all the necessary gear on this computer and years ago put in heaps of music files (.ogg from memory) into the Samsung but that required downloading the appropriate software first.

So, if I go ahead with simple MP3, what will I need? Please excuse my ignorance.


John from down under.
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