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Hi, I was able to easily convert video for my new L player and it played just fine. I used a well known program that I normally can't stand.

1. I used Real Player to convert some flv files. It has a whole set of new file conversion features that you should take a look at. I used it's "Zune" setting. It just converts the files to wmv. You can change the settings for bit rate and whatever, but I left it in the default settings.

2. I used Windows Media Player 10 to sync the converted files to the L Player. If the file you have is a wmv file media player will usually automatically convert it to fit the device automatically if the device is MTP.

I probably could have put the videos on with Real Player itself, but I didn't want to change the player’s settings to the mcs or whatever it is mode that is not MTP. Real player won't recognize the device in MTP mode.

I don't see any reason for using the software that came with the device because it is not as good as windows media player for transfering to MTP devices. And Real Player has some good conversion features, even though usually I don't even want to ever use it for anything.

Just thought I would share what worked for me.
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