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I have many portable players over the years. Nothing beats the MiniDise despite the restrictions of Atrac. IMO it is the best format. I have owned several iPods over the years. The 5.5G was the best of the bunch but, nothing compares to the Sony post Atrac series of players especially with DSEE.

When played on a big rig Sony players sound close to CD's in about any format. iPods don't sound that great. MiniDisc sound like the real deal if not better if you can believe that.

I love my Clip it is a great sounding player compare to any player regardless of its size. The Sony players are relatively just as small and have better battery life and sound awesome. The Clip doesn't transfer that sound to the Big Rig. I have a plethora of headphones that will sort out the weak from the strong but, the real test for me is connecting to the big rig. Sony players shine in this regard.

Maybe I am accustom to Sony signature sound but, compared to the original source Sony player's come closer to that than many other players out there, IMO. Wether Cassette, CD, MD, or DAP's In my car which isn't the best environment to hear music the MD is the best and Sony DAP's come in a close second. For Mass Market electronics Sony general is damn good. For unlimited amount of money you can have great sounding electronics but it takes real genius to do it for cheap and Sony does that.
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