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Hey Extreme,

I also listen mainly to albums so I can understand the frustration of when the music doesn’t play back in the proper sequence. Here’s some observations that may help you fix the problem:

Check the playback "Boundry" and "Shuffle" settings.

Check your display settings.
Are you using ID3 or file names?
Go to: Menu > Settings > Display > Title > ID3 Tag

You gotta have clean tags . .
If you are indeed browsing via "ID3 Tag", checkout the consistency and formatting of your ID3 tags in a basic, stand alone tag editor such as Mp3tag instead of FooBar 2000. I use Media Monkey myself and have found the application’s “advanced tagging options” conveys way too much information, much of which is completely irrelevant to the D2.

I never put anything on my D2 before checking out how it looks in Mp3tag. I’ve customized the fields in Mp3tag to show all of the critical tags that the D2 reads and displays which then assures consistent display and play back.

I also use Mp3tag to do such things as automatically renumber tracks on an album that are formatted with a slash or leading zero (1/11, 2/11, 3/11 and 01, 02, 03 to just 1, 2, 3 ), remove digits and strange characters from the title and other fields, and get rid of year tags that use original year and cd release year (change 1969/2009 to just 1969), and other ID3 house cleaning chores. (Mp3tag totally rocks, its free, and no I'm not affiliated in any way with the developer.)

After a synch - you’re in "Tracks" browsing.
After loading new files to the D2 and the device updates its data base, I find that when you go to the music section and resume playback from where you left off, the D2 for some reason defaults to the “Tracks” sorting mode. In this case, the next song up is probably not going to be the next one the album. (When I’m in Tracks mode, the D2 plays back all audio files in alphabetical order based on ID3 title, irrespective of artist, track number, year, etc.) Go back and select Artist or Album sorting.

Cheers and best of luck,


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