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Originally Posted by mysticstryk View Post
I can hear a difference.
Have you ever tried a double blind ABX test? Foobar's ABX plugin is a good tool to evaluate these things without placebo effect and confirmation bias getting in the way, for example. I'm sure with a little testing you would find a size/bitrate of a lossy codec that you can't hear a difference compared to the original.

Originally Posted by mysticstryk View Post
It's just that when I used to have a zune, I used WMA lossless, which took up much less space than FLAC.
About 25 cd's in WMA lossless took up 5 gb's. With FLAC, I'm gonna get about 10 cd's per 5gb's.
No way is the size difference between WMAL and FLAC that extreme. Difference between the codecs is about 2% on average, not 150%. Something obviously went wrong there, sounds like you either put uncompressed WAV files on your player instead of FLAC, or you used normal lossy WMA instead of lossless.
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