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Default Tracks in wrong order


I have a problem with my S9.
It displays the tracks of albums which have more than one CD in the wrong order.
An Example: I have an album with 2 CDs;
instead of editing the album-title to "album title (CD1)" and "album title (CD2)" I set the CD-Number attribute in the ID3-Tag to the corresponding number.
But if I select the album within the S9 the tracks are listed incorrectly.

CD 1 - Track 1
CD 2 - Track 1
CD 1 - Track 2
CD 2 - Track 2

instead of

CD 1 - Track 1
CD 1 - Track 2
CD 2 - Track 1
CD 2 - Track 2

as it should be.

Is there any way to list the songs in the correct oder without editing the album title?
I don't like to rename it because then the album art is displayed more than once.


PS: Sorry if there are some linguistically mistakes as English is not my native language
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Dein Englisch ist gut genug für einen Österreicher.

Same as a lot of other players, Cowon players don't read the CD# tag. I number my tracks 101, 102, 103, ... 201, 202, 203 - both in ID3 track# tags, and also starting the file names with the same numbers as well. That takes care of sorting issues, and leaves the album name tag clean.
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Or, as another option, you could just name all the tracks in order, disregarding disc num. So just go all the way from 01 to 25 (or whatever). Either method you choose, you will have to retag.
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