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Originally Posted by lebellium View Post
In fw 3.00, that doesn't happen with mine!
I'm narrowing this thing: radio presets are lost if I turn off the R1 while listening to the radio and then plug it to the computer. If I turn it off while listening to music or podcasts and then plug it to the computer, radio presets are not lost. Plugging the R1 to the computer while it's on never loses the presets. And it's consistent. I can reproduce this behaviour every time.

Also, sometimes, when unplugging the R1 from the computer, and even if all I have done is let it sit there for charging, no files interchanged, it says "updating DB" or something similar and takes a few seconds to go from 0% to 100%. I haven't still noticed wether this has any relation to losing radio presets.

Originally Posted by lebellium View Post
My R1 in 3.00 keeps preset after a recovering firmware...

I really do not understand what happens with yours.

So I can only send an email to the R&D for the R0 sorry
I don't know what happens either. When I plug it in the computer in MSC mode, it tells me to update my Windows Media Player, but I have version 11 installed and Windows says I have the latest and greatest. Do you think there's something wrong with my unit or just a bug in the R1?

Anyway, let's hope that you can reproduce my problem and report it to Samsung or that the root cause is the same one as with the R0 and that curing one will cure the other.

Thanks again for the trouble you take to get these problems sorted out for us,

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