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Hi lebellium

Originally Posted by lebellium View Post
Sorry, I meant PepeM
As I said, I confirm the problem for R0 but not for R1.
PepeM could you try again with your R1 before I sent an email to the R&D please
I think I've found something. Whenever I plug the R1 to the computer while the R1 is off, radio presets are lost. If I plug the R1 while it's still on, presets are not lost. This happens both in MSC and MTP mode. Can you confirm?

Also, I have noticed that this unit is drainig the battery even when it's turned off, not only blocked, but off. Yesterday, for instance, I charged it to 100% and turned it off. 24 hours later, when I turned it on again, the battery charge was at 4%. Turned it off and on again, then went through the "recovering firmware" routine... and presets are lost again. I don't know if these are related. The "recovering firmware" happens only occasionally so I haven't still been able to check if it always erases the radio presets. The rest of the settings seem to be preserved after the firmware recovery.

All these tests have been done with a new FR unit (firmware 1.*) modified to EU and then upgraded to firmware 3.0.


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